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IONDV. War archive (project "Remember everyone", implemented by Far East center of social technologies, supported of the Presidential Grants Fund) is the IONDV. Framework web-application designed to store, group and demonstrate the data based on archival documents about Great Patriotic War [World War II] so that the documents of the Khabarovsk Territory of Russia connected with the Great Patriotic War become more accessible to people. The app is available only in russian.

On May 9, we posted our first article (for now only in russian) about the #iondv application for the “Remember everyone” project on "habr" - the news web resources for IT specialists.


The article tells about the project itself, about its technical implementation, about placing the project in Yandex. Cloud and about the results of highload testing. The system performs 400 requests per second on a database of 35 thousand entries on a minimum configuration with a 20% guaranteed 2-core CPU and 2 GB of memory. About 50 thousand sessions were worked out in 10 minutes of testing.

About the project

During the development, we created a web application with the corporate name War archive - for storing, grouping and displaying archive documents about the Great Patriotic War. We actively worked from January to March 2018 and in the process corrected the framework's bugs - as we had the first experience with so many scans.

The goal of the project “Remember Everyone” is to preserve the memory of people of the times of the Great Patriotic War, by providing free access to documents of those years. Maria Stepko, director of the Far Eastern Center for Social Technologies, once said: "Saving and analyzing the data about the past is a task necessary for modeling the future."

How to get?

The source code of the "War-archive" application for the “Remember everyone” project was published on GitHub under the GPLv3 license. The project - “Remember everyone” was implemented by the Far Eastern Center for Social Technologies, with the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation. The software was created on the IONDV.Framework basis.

Available demo applications: Test query for search "Ivanov Ivan." Back office is also available - login - demo, password - ion-demo.


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