IONDV. Project-management - Open Core model in the Russian public sector

Guys, well, we continue to write articles on Habr (the news web resource for IT-specialists) and we've published another one, the third article "Project management system on the Open Core model in the public sector of Russia".

Read the article here (sorry, for now only in russian).

The heroine of this article is the Project Management System - IONDV. Project-management. This is our registry type software solution for organizing public sector project activities. The article tried to give answers to common questions, aswell as we share our experience, namely:

1. What is a project management system.

2. Which is better: solution out of the box or development from scratch?

3. IONDV. Project management process technology.

4. Technical details.

5. Description of the functional.

We also described a useful feature of the system - storing project documents in Nextcloud file storage, with co-editing mode. And in the video we also showed the dawnloading of the printed form of the project's passport.

As a huge plus, we are willing to show you the implementation process of the project management system.

Read the article, ask us questions and share your opinion in the comments.

And how do you think - what is the most effective promotion of Open Source projects? 🤓


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