IONDV. Nutrition-tickets

IONDV. Tickets - is a register-type open-source application for issuing social nutrition tickets for recipients receiving aid. The application is based on IONDV. Framework technology and created in the IDE - IONDV. Studio.

And the idea is very simple, having in mind that we've already been full of inspiration, we only slightly outplayed the details. The purpose of the system is to keep records of issuing and cashing tickets (or cards) for social nutrition for preferential categories of recipients receiving aid to optimize the process of social services or non-profit social organizations. So, the users of the system should have the possibilities to:

1. Create the recipient card with such data as name, date of birth, sex, etc.,

2. Create the ticket card with such data as date of issue, issued by, expiration date, status, etc.,

3. Stage the ticket's statuses according to established work-flow,

4. Log in as the user with the correct role and right – operator, cashier, admin, moderator.

Also, additional functionality: check-boxes with categories, scans of documents, printed form of tickets, integration with some portal. 

An individual comes to social security for social nutrition tickets. An employee of the social services (and for us - the Operator of the system) creates the user card, determines the category and creates 4 tickets for him for a month and gives all 4 tickets at once. The individual must use tickets within a month in the store/canteen/issuing point *tick as preferred*. The amount specified in the ticket depends on the number of assigned categories. When he cashes his tickets, the employee (with the role of "Cashier") finds the number of his ticket in the list and, if it's valid (not highlighted in red and the completion date is greater than the current one) closes the ticket and the ticket is no longer valid.

We did this app as part of a tutorial  "How to create applications in IONDV. Studio" - so that it is clear how to create a simple but functional application. 

The youtube video perfectly illustrates it.

Do we have a demo?

Of course, watch and try it.

There are three main roles: operator, cashier, controller. The role name corresponds to its login, the password is one for all three logins - ion-demo. An account with Admin rights - login - demo, password - ion-demo.

And don’t forget ⭐⭐⭐ the GitHub repository. You can clone the application on your computer and study the system from the inside.


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