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Today we have a small celebration. Today is a day of discovery for us and for you. We won’t keep you in suspense anymore and let us be clear — we are contributing to the Open Source by making the IONDV. Framework repository public on the largest code host for IT projects – GitHub.
IONDV. Framework

What’s IONDV. Framework?

IONDV.Framework —  is a JavaScript low-code framework for creating high-level web enterprise applications based on metadata. Moreover, the framework allows you to change functionality with the additional components, such as ready-made modules or your new ones. They allow you to diversify and personalize your application created on the IONDV. Framework basis. IONDV.Framework is designed to create business applications for: 

    • Document, Resource and Workflow Management, 

    • Accounting and Reporting, 

    • Data Mining and Business Intelligence.

Who are we? 

We are the IONDV Team – a community  with a big experience implementing the largest projects in the field of state and municipal AIS, leading the entire development cycle in the Russian Far East. ION DV is not exactly about business and revenues, it’s about us, about people, about the community of like-minded people who are developing the IT-environment in the Far East of Russia. We are planning to expand our horizons, so we are pleased to invite you to join our exciting journey to the uncharted international waters of IT development.

You can already become more familiar with IONDV. Framework at Install now the develop-and-test project — dnt to try out the key features. For you, we have written detailed step-by-step instructions in two languages - Russian and English. Look for it in the Readme of the IONDV.Framework repository.

Feel free to ask any questions about the framework, its installation and functionality on Stack Overflow with [iondv] tag.


We are the IONDV Team – a community of smart, dedicated and creative individuals with a big experience implementing the largest projects in the Russian Far East. Together we speed up production, freeing developers to grow, discover and change the world for the better.



IONDV Enterprise support provides a range of expert services and quality tools, including the technical support that guarantees you the access to the professionals who developed IONDV. Framework and who continue developing applications on its basis.

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