We were working on updates for IONDV. Studio, specialized IDE that helps you to speed and simplify the development of applications on the IONDV. Framework basis. If you have not tried it, then try it now. Start with the demo -

So, what exactly have we updated in the Studio? To update, press ctrl + F5.

- When starting a project, the Properties tab is added (package.json)

- The package.json property editor now has the option of ticking off the dependencies of project modules. Registry, ionadmin, dashboard selected by default.

- Similarly implemented the ability to tick off application dependencies

- Ability to set configuration settings in the studio: global settings and module settings for each module

- When creating an attribute, nullable and indexed properties are automatically set to true

- Ability to create print forms for a class in the word and excel format

- Created a section for the REST module to set the settings to create your own service for rest

- Adding a logo for a created project

- Editing a JSON file when configuring a single module

- Added ability to create a system menu

- Added gear button for editing a project 

We are working on updating our products regularly, making them the handiest to use. If you have any comments or ideas, we will gladly consider them.


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