IONDV. Telecom - communications in Open Source

We recently published an application under the free Apache 2.0 license - IONDV. Telecom which is developed to account communications in the region. It is implemented on IONDV. Framework - an open source solution based on node.js for the rapid development of web applications. Various types of infocommunications are necessary for the quality work of any modern public structure of any country. And communication in the regions is an important condition for the development of the territory and a comfortable life.

About IONDV. Telecom 

IONDV. Telecom - is a software solution based on IONDV. Framework used as a registry to account, store, and present the data on the availability of communication services (Internet, mobile communications, television, mail, etc.) in populated areas of the region. It also includes information on communications availability in the "Healthcare" and "Education" sectors. The key entity is a "Locality" that contains links to each industry listed in the system.

The app is free for everyone but available only in Russian.The application is published in the public domain on github. Traditionally for all repositories on github there is an instruction in the README repository, but we deployed demo systems for familiarization without registration:

The system provides access to data on the types of communication at the same time in different industries and regions, and also allows you to display the necessary data in the open access, no authorization required.

Also, we decided to try a new format here and recorded a video for you about our latest app - IONDV. Telecom. Cool, yeah?🤓

We clearly showed the capabilities and purpose of the IONDV.Telecom application. Look at the principle of creating objects in the system and how they ultimately appear on the map 🗺.

Do you have demo?

Go to to see the demo version - the login for access is - demo and the password is – ion-demo. Also, you can get the application metadata from the GitHub repository. Use it to clone the application on your computer and explore the system from the inside. 

How to get IONDV. Telecom?

Under Linux, install the app in one line, (if git, node.js and mongodb are installed locally) using the installer iondv-app. The script will install the dependencies of the environment, clone all the necessary repositories of the framework, modules and applications from GitHub, collect, initiate and launch the application:

bash <(curl -sL -q -i -m localhost:27017 telecom-ru

Where instead of localhost:27017 you need to specify the MongoDb address.

What are the pros?

The main advantage of the IONDV. Telecom is a visual representation of the state of development of the telecommunications sector in the region, which allows to improve the quality of the communications infrastructure, as well as provide this data in open access.

Communication accounting solution is based on open source IONDV. Framework, and this is an open source code in JavaScript and an open metadata structure in JSON, which means complete freedom of re-development. Almost, within the confines of Apache 2.0 :). Correct, improve and sell it - do whatever you want. Plus, the engine is not demanding to resources - it is great for developing reliable business applications of various sizes.


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