IONDV. Framework: Docs Updates Summary

Guys, we are doing our best in keeping your expectations fulfilled. All of the second half of July and all of August we were inventing, writing, editing, translating, and finally we updated the GitHub repositories and we are ready to share all the changes with you.

* The most important and large-scale item was the documentation. No, not like that. DOCUMENTATION. That's so huge and significant both for us and for our users. 


- In general, we rewrote, edited and added the documentation for 13 repositories. We have given particular consideration to README files, since it is nothing less than the face of a repository. Our goal was to make them simple and comprehensible to not to stray the detailed documentation for every detail. How much we have succeeded, you be the judge. 


- It was important to describe modules that were not previously described at all. These include: REST, SOAP, Viewlib. For now there is no detailed documentation for them (large READMEs only), and we are not sure how much it is needed at this stage. Waiting for feedback. 


- Also cosmetic changes were made such as: “installation in one line” was added and corrected in the repositories, the optimal images size was selected, the answer to the question “what is IONDV. Framework” is added in each repository and other less noticeable changes. 


- An essential part of the work was the Key Features file, which briefly describes the functionality of IONDV. Framework and its modules in one place. 


- The framework repository has changed. We have added the section “How to design an app” and “Free Demos”. We believe that the first — will raise the learning curve, and the second — will help you navigate in all our demo applications. 


* We devoted a great deal of attention to the new application - IONDV. Nutrition Tickets which we described in the post a little earlier. We made it as part of the tutorial "How to create applications in IONDV. Studio". 


- The tutorial includes: a detailed illustrated instruction, a video with the process of creating the application, and in the near future we will publish an article on Habr, in which we will share the history of creation from the inside. By the way, as usual there is a demo to touch and to test the new app. 


- We arranged the IONDV. Nutrition Tickets repository on GitHub according to our already classic structure - a description, how to create, demos, modules, how to get. 


We dedicated our time and energy into the documentation, but did not forget about the development, so there will still be a post about the technical aspects and new improvements in promotion. 


And we have a question on which our views varied. What do you think about FAQs file? The opinions were: it means that we could not clearly explain or show non-obvious points in the documentation, or it saves time for searching for answers to the most controversial questions collected in one place. 


Should we write FAQs and place it in the footer of each repository or is it just a waste of time? 


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