Rapid business application development
based on metadata and open source JavaScript

IONDV. Framework

Easy to create web software for:

  • 01.Document, Resource and Workflow Management
  • 02.Accounting and Reporting
  • 03.Data Mining and Business Intelligence

Install one of the ready-to-use free apps or customize your new one.

Get it. Deploy it. Work it.

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Optimize Your Performance

Try our IONDV. Framework in your daily work to find it indispensable in accomplishing your routine issues faster with a good result.

The significant advantages of the IONDV. Framework are the domain driven design paradigm and concept of the declarative programming with the JS language and RAD & DevOps technologies.

  • 01.Just describe a data model and business logic as metadata in JSON or YAML format.
  • 02.Gain built-in access control (list based and data based) to data and more than 300+ authorization strategies (passport.js).
  • 03.Get full featured CRUD Web UI - powerful REST API and SOAP web-service for integration and SPA.
  • 04.Functional modules will provide your apps with ready to work UI: registry, report, dashboard, charts, etc.
  • 05.Independent data model, core API, functional modules and views templates are coupled with fully cross-platform running on NodeJS and MongoDB.

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Turns Ideas into Work

You want to bring your idea to life, but the lack of knowledge and professional background throw up roadblocks, the IONDV. Framework hurries to the rescue.

Create, change and add the new components to reach the desired goal. The opportunities are limited only by your imagination.

  • 01.Low-code and free, no need registration IONDV. Studio to create your apps.
  • 02.No Need for Experience to create your first app, to use and to host it on our IONDV. Cloud.
  • 03.Pre-made Solutions and ready apps in our IONDV. Store.
  • 04.No Limitations in developing the additional functionality for your current and future purposes, because of the Free and Open Source Project.
  • 05.Develop your projects on your own, with freelance developers, or with our IONDV Team. Also you can get technical support.

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Fits Your Projects

Find or create the application you need to gain more efficiencies in your company promotion with IONDV. CRM or in the project implementation with IONDV. Project Management and many others ready applications.

Get extra help and advisory support with any issues with the Enterprise Support: development, infrastructure deployment, priority support and etc.

  • 01.No payments for product license ownership and no restrictions on upgrading any part of the system.
  • 02.JavaScript is the biggest developer's community. You have choice between developers, freelancers or our IONDV specialists to evolve your projects.
  • 03.Scales from desktop apps (nw.js) to clustered, highload systems (Real cases: 1000+ users, 1 000 000+ records).
  • 04.Develop and sell your products with our ready tool for prototyping - IONDV. Studio + Cloud.
  • 05. Rapid and simple migration from the legacy software applications and databases to web applications.

Why IONDV. Framework?

Open source & JavaScript

The Open Source IONDV. Framework gives you a great range of possibilities to develop your idea and build your new project. JavaScript syntax is easy and extremely flexible for you to have plenty of time to play around with IONDV. Framework.

Human-readable JSON & YAML metadata files

We use the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and YAML (YAML Ain't Markup Language) which is light-weighted designed such that humans can easily read data interchange and its execution. It doesn’t require much effort from you to use it in our IONDV. Framework.

Ready-to-use modules

We provide ready-made modules of additional functionality, such as the Dashboard or Gantt Chart. They allow you to diversify and personalize your application created on the IONDV. Framework basis.

DevOps & Docker easy build

We use lightweight Docker containers to deploy applications and DevOps methodology to shorten the project development life cycle. Configure project dependencies, build scripts, database and application server without any troubles.

Rapid, Small & Productive

IONDV. Framework is not demanding to your computer resources, its structure is transparent what makes it productive and fast. You have unlimited choices to build solid enterprise applications with a clear IONDV. Framework.

Try IONDV. Framework

Explore our Playground - the IONDV. Framework demo studio to create your first application directly in the browser.

  • Change pre-installed classes and attributes or click plus button to create a new application of your own.
  • Click the play button to export the ready app, and you will see how it all looks like in the user view.
  • Or download the zip archive file to work with metafiles locally.
  • While playing in this sandbox, please read the help message to become more confident in use.

Go and get free demo applications to see what IONDV. Framework is capable of - Get it Free.


We are the IONDV Team – a community of smart, dedicated and creative individuals with a big experience implementing the largest projects in the Russian Far East. Together we speed up production, freeing developers to grow, discover and change the world for the better.



IONDV Enterprise support provides a range of expert services and quality tools, including the technical support that guarantees you the access to the professionals who developed IONDV. Framework and who continue developing applications on its basis.

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